How to make the most of StoryFest

Here at Storyfest HQ we're a bunch of committed festival goers. We've gathered our collective wisdom to help you have the best possible experience this weekend.

  • If you've booked several sessions, make sure you’re prepared for a long day. Drink lots of water, bring snacks and pack according to the weather. Between events, enjoy browsing through the pop-up festival bookshop in the CWA Hall on Wason Street.

  • Hang out at the festival cafes and bars. You never know who might meet!

  • Download a copy of the Festival Map so you can find venues, parking, amenities, etc. If all else fails, ask a festival volunteer. They’re happy to help.

  • Head into the pop-up bookshop at the CWA Hall on Wason St and ask the staff for a recommendation. They will be across all the authors at the festival and will be able to recommend something wonderful that you might not usually pick up.

  • If you have a gap between sessions, ask a member of staff or a volunteer what’s coming up – you might discover an author who'll become your new favourite!

  • Try to arrive at each event at least 5 minutes before the event starts. 

  • If you know you’ll have to leave an event early, sit at the back of the room or somewhere near the exit to avoid disturbing the speakers and other guests.

  • During question time, make sure you only ask questions, not comments, and keep them reasonably short so others will have a chance too.

  • Event facilitators will tell you where you can get your book/s signed. When the event is over, head straight to the line as speakers often have limited time available for signings due to other commitments.

  • Help the author out by spelling your name clearly for them.

  • Most of all, enjoy yourself!